Tuesday, October 8, 2013

To Bra or Not to Bra: Response to Man Repeller

   I hate bras. I hate them with a fiery detest that burns deep into the depths of hell. But I love bras. I love them with a adoration that reaches the heights of heaven. I've always had big boobs. The kind of big boobs that people pay for. My childhood went from me jumping rope to sitting on a bench because if I jumped, so did my boobs. In 5th grade, I came home to find a bra sitting on my bed. That's the day it all changed.
     The girls locker room. I was the queen of boobs and all my bra-less flat chested  peers were my subjects. Being the first girl in my class to have a bra was an honor (I totally should've gotten a spot in the yearbook for that). But as time went on and the rest of my classmates caught up to me in the puberty department, I started recognizing boobs and bras for what they are: annoying. Also, bras are really fucking expensive. I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS.
  I'm not really sure if its the big boobs, the super supportive bra or the combination of the two, but there's something really uncomfortable about not wearing a bra. Maybe because its a habit or maybe because I've worn a bra for so long what my body can't support the weight of boobs. (IDK) Some of my friends go braless all the time and speak of the joy and freedom it brings them. As much as I wish I could go braless. I can't. Not because I'm afraid of being judged but because walking, walking downstairs and moving in general would be hell without the support of a bra. Confidence also plays a large role. I have enough confidence to go braless (wearing certain pieces but definitely not a white tee) but I know many busty girls who don't have that confidence. Probably because society has conditioned us to believe that a female body is to be covered up.
   I think that the choice to wear (or not wear) a bra comes down to two things: comfort and confidence So going braless may work for some and may not work for others. Personally, I think I'll stick with a bra and look forward to the awesome feeling I get when taking my bra off after a long day.

Also note: I just realized that bra is a really ugly word.

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